fuck yeah, german shepherds

This pretty puppy was up at the falls. She was sooo soft. 

Joey the dog! He’s 6 months old now!

Saturday Morning Walks With My Teddy♡
This shows their personalities perfectly. My GS is a majestic beast and my Golden is a Derp. (Majestic Space Duck)
my puppy Kaya wants to drive…
So I’ve finally been able to come to terms with the loss of my Sheba here. She passed away 3-29-14 due to an unseen diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma. She didn’t suffer thankfully and had lived to a ripe old age of nearing 15 years of age. She was health for her age, super active and always willing to play or be there when I needed her. She had an odd fascination with oranges and fruit, always preferring an orange over a bit of meat or something. She loved car rides and this picture you see her enjoying her first snow. She traveled the US with me, from Louisiana too New York to Minnesota, and back to Louisiana. Didn’t matter where, so long as she was sitting in the back seat and enjoying the ride. She’d been there when I was single, when I was sad, when I was moving, when I got married. She’ll be missed but I know she isn’t suffering. 
So here’s to the derp of a dog who couldn’t jump to save her life, unless there was an orange involved. RIP Sheba. No other Shepherd can compare.
Taking a break with my bud. Photo by serendipity925